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Savor the Flavor of Leelanau

As a fifth-generation family of farmers, everyone at Pure Leelanau® understands the true meaning of freshness. It’s something we’re able to deliver all season long with our selection of delicious artisan foods.

We use an array of locally sourced ingredients including delicious fruits and berries for our jams and preserves made right here in Cedar, Michigan. Even with this much quality, we still choose to keep our prices affordable. Order a 9.5-ounce jar starting at only $9.

Experience Unforgettable Flavor

Just one spoonful of our jams and preserves and you’ll be hooked! Choose from our selection of flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds including:

Strawberries | Raspberries | Black Berries | Cherries | Apricot | Apples

Maximizing Freshness the Only Way We Know How

We harvest every berry and piece of fruit at peak freshness when making your jam and preserve blends. This doesn’t only mean they taste better than preserves that you’ll find in your local grocery—they take freshness to an entirely new level.

Best of all, the flavor will last longer because we use premium ingredients. This means you can enjoy the flavors of Leelanau County months after you leave.

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