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Keep the Essence Of Leelanau In the Palm Of Your Hand

Fondly recall Leelanau County with every sip when you order the glassware and coffee mugs from Pure Leelanau® in Cedar, Michigan.

Your Morning Just Got Better

Our 14-ounce coffee mugs come with an oval-style handle and colored interior in your choice of blue or black. Our company name, “Pure Leelanau®,” is featured in on the mug, as well.

Price & Order Sizes

These mugs cost only $12, and special discount offers are available for large-quantity orders. Choose from purchasing individually, or in sets of two or four.

The Ultimate Universal Gift

Since they were first invented, coffee mugs have remained one of the best affordable gifts that says, “I thought about you, and here’s something special that shows I care.” Not only that, they are also an excellent conversation starter. Begin talking about your experience in Leelanau County and watch the discussion take off from there. We hear of this happening more often than you might think.

Exchange Policy On Damaged Goods

There is no returns policy on our coffee mugs and glassware. If they sustain damage upon delivery, then we are happy to offer an exchange.

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