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Pure Leelanau® …  a Safe Port In the Storm Of Life

Authentic Goods As Pure As Leelanau County

Discover how we merged true Michigan style with superior comfort when you explore the leisure clothing that our store has to offer.


Have something to remember Leelanau County by with one of our gorgeous coffee mugs..

Mugs & Glasses

Take in the unforgettable and timeless flavors of Leelanau County. You’ll never want to use another type of jam and preserves again.


Welcome Outpatients:                        

On behalf of the Ugly Tomato Farm Market, and our “Pure Leelanau®” online store, we welcome you to this “Grand Asylum” called Leelanau.

By now you have been exposed to a neurological contagion called “Leelanoidis Nirvanis.” Remarkable symptoms include: craving wine, beaches, sunsets, and friendships, culminating with an acute and generally uncontrollable winsomeness. This condition doesn’t respond to therapy (or quarantine) ……………. so enjoy …………… and proceed until apprehended.

Our mission is to leave an indelible imprint upon the sensorium of our summer holiday makers by weaving our yarn (via the Tomato and Pure Leelanau® experience) into the already rich tapestry of pristine beaches, sugar sand dunes, and forested drumlins which define our main public asset: the great Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. We thrive on fostering a whimsically irreverent environment for imparting helpful concierge. When our summer visitors leave us smitten with feeling of satisfaction and enlightened with self created experiences and first person stories to tell, we have fulfilled our ambassadorial duty. Leelanoidis Nirvanis has absconded with yet another soul left in obsessive want of a return to this Sleeping Bear sanatorium for on going therapy as often as possible. One choice is to relocate here, enrich the gene pool, or create their own self directed long term care plan with all the outpatient privileges that “Pure Leelanau®” offers.

Our online store: Pure Leelanau® offers monogrammed vitrified coffee mugs, and 100% cotton caps and tees as well. On the shelves of “Busha’s Larder” you will find a selection of preserves, butters, jellies, and tomato based sauces (for the inner grillster), dressings, and beer mustard! (Some items have been influenced by old family recipes, hand written in Polish, by my grandmother). Another shelve holds packets of dried cherries smothered with malt chocolate, sidled by a Cherry-Berry which is berry patch mix of dried cherries, cranberries and blueberries. We spin the yarn that it’s Mishe-Mokwa’s bear club blend.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by!

The shopping cart wheels are greased; card readers are at the ready, all to make it as painless as possible to pound the plastic.

Happy Trails:  "Ugly” Bill Walters , Leelanoid Emaritus

 P.S: In normal years, Honeycrisp and antique apple varieties are included in the online store, but the storm of 8.02.15 left us trying to nurse hail damaged apples. We have donated 80% of our crop to a local food pantry in Empire. Our five alpacas are living large, feasting on the “grounders”.

Remember your trip to Leelanau County with our timeless souvenirs.

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About Us

Eat, drink, and reflect the essence of all that is good in Leelanau County. Whether you are a life-long resident or are visiting for the first time, explore the broad selection of high-quality Michigan souvenirs inspired by life on the peninsula from Pure Leelanau®.

Located in Cedar, our store offers an array of Leelanau goods including essential glassware and coffee mugs, stylish casual clothing, as well as an outstanding selection of delicious jams and preserves. Everything is made by our family who settled in the county six generations ago, and continues to wow customers.

After five years in business, we’re still completely exceeding expectations. The quality shows in everything we create thanks to our unwavering dedication, hard work, and pride in our great county.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

3000 E Bodus Rd, Cedar, MI 49621
Serving Cedar, Michigan

Hours of Operation
Farm Market is Closed for the Season; Year-Round Shipping

Phone Number
(231) 342-5669

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